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Brands: FLC 2000®, FLC™ FINE, FLC™ SUPREME, FLC™ EXTREME, FLC™ MAX, LCP 2000®, SandSeal™, STAR HIB® SF, STAR HIB® PLUS, MaxVert™, DiVert™, PowerClean™, PowerClean™ Plus


  • FLC Product Line
    The FLC™ line of drilling fluid additives has been proven in geologically diverse basins in more than 45 countries. Our advanced FLC additives are ideal for use in deepwater applications, depleted or poorly consolidated formations and unstable shales....

  • FLC Wellbore Shielding® solutions protect the formation and preserve wellbore stability by generating a fast, effective seal to mitigate fluid and pressure invasion. This barrier allows operators to drill unstable, mechanically weak formations while protecting against fluid losses. 

    In reservoir applications, drilling and completion fluids formulated with FLC additives help optimize production potential. FLC products deposit a thin, low-permeability external filter cake that minimizes reservoir damage and maintains wellbore stability while providing high return permeability. When production is initiated, the inflow of the well lifts off the cake with minimal differential pressure, eliminating the need for acid washes.


    • Seals up to 100-3,000 μm microfractures at high differential pressure
    • Effective and compatible with oil-, water- and synthetic-based fluid systems (Note: FLC MAX is optimized specifically for OBM)
    • Works directly in the circulating fluid system
    • Allows continual use of API 60 mesh screens
    • Mixes directly through the hopper, or can be pre-mixed
    • Does not degrade after shearing
    • Remains stable at temperatures in excess of 400°F