Pipe Proteq

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Pipe Proteq helps improving the upstream supply chain with superior thread protection solutions focusing on usability and sustainability. We optimize the efficiency related to protectors and eliminate steps in the process.

Brands: Pipe Proteq, Fits all - Quick and Safe, Pipe Proteq Runner, Pipe Proteq Hybrid


  • Pipe Proteq Runner
    Pipe-Proteq Runner® is designed to support operations that need a quick lock running protector (Pin) and can be applied within seconds, even under the most severe conditions....

  • Applications:

    • Handling tubular products:
      • During manufacturing and service
      • At the rig site


    • Designed to support dope less and doped connections
    • No additional tools needed to use protector
    • Supports pre-doping at catwalk (no more additional doping on rig-floor)
    • Simply push protector on pipe and ready to use tubular
    • Prepare multiple tubulars at catwalk (diameter identical to conventional threaded protectors)


    • Manufactured from the highest grade of HDPE with excellent environmental resistance.
    • Fully recyclable after end of life