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Brands: SNOK™


  • SNOK™ Equipment Monitoring
    SNOK™ Equipment Monitoring is the quick and non-intrusive solution to monitor your industrial control system (ICS) endpoints....

  • SNOK™ is designed and developed to meet the needs of ICS owners. We provide a scalable, low maintenance and low cost cybersecurity solution with early warning of cyber-attacks. SNOK™ helps you comply with relevant law and industry standards such as SEC reporting requirements, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and NERC CIP.   

    SNOK™ Equipment Monitoring is the tool you need to ensure resilience of your infrastructure as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becomes a vital part of your operation.   

    Use case: An industrial site is equipped with one or more PLCs or other controllers. The asset owner wants to ensure the equipment controllers are not tampered with. SNOK™ watches the PLCs 24/7 and reports security policy violations and other agreed upon events to the local HMI. For additional assurance and documentation, the asset owner asks Secure-NOK® for regular cybersecurity reports.

    Key features:  

    • Quick and easy to install  
    • Non-intrusive  
    • Scalable  
    • Complimentary to IT security solutions  
    • Minimizes needs for Anti-Virus and Patch Management 
  • SNOK™ Network IDS
    The SNOK® Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a network intrusion and anomaly behavior detection system specific for industrial controls systems....

  • The SNOK® Network IDS monitors internal and external communications of a controls system. It detects viruses, malware and sophisticated attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats), including those that are undetectable by conventional security tools. The SNOK® Network IDS can be placed at the perimeter of the network, or at strategic internal points to monitor the data traffic between critical components.

    The SNOK® Network IDS consists of four modules that are specifically aligned with requirements in industry standards such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and NERC CIP requirements. The Monitoring and Detection modules collect and analyze cybersecurity data, the Risk Assessment module determines the criticality of detected intrusions and events, and the Response module assists in responding to a cyber-attack.

    The local user interface provides real-time visualization of networks status and security events.