Welcome to the 2017 SPE Unconventional Resources Conference - Canada and the SPE Canada Heavy Oil Conference 

By using the menu options to the left, you can easily view the floor plan in HTML mode, see the Exhibitor List in alphabetic sequence, or search for Exhibitors based on one or multiple criteria.

  • The HTML Floor Plan is a static view of the exhibit floor. You can hold your mouse over a booth to see the Exhibitor and any co-exhibiting Divisions.
    • With the Tool Bar you can search for booths by Category or Booth Number.
  • You can click on an Exhibitor from the List or use the search options to highlight the corresponding booth(s).
    • Click the “Print” button to create a PDF of the floor plan that you can save and print. There is a Zoom bar at the bottom to increase the size of the floor plan to help you see more details or decrease it to get a better overall view.
    • Use the Exhibitor Search feature to find Exhibitors based on Keyword, Country and State/Province. Search the New Product Search and Press Releases features for new products and press releases. Select one or a combination of options to see a list of Exhibitors meeting your selections.
  • The Exhibitor List will present the full list of Exhibitors in alpha sequence. From the list of Exhibitors, click on an Exhibitor or Booth Number to open the Online Booth. From the Online Booth, you can click Map it to open the floor plan with the Exhibitors booth highlighted.